Hello there!

We decided to throw up a skeleton site with some basic information for our out-of-town guests. Although we won’t be sending RSVPS until late March, please don’t hesitate to tell us in advance if you know you won’t be able to attend. Any insight on who can or cannot make it early on would be welcome.

Our ceremony and reception will both be held at the same venue in Wisconsin, home of cheese curds, butter burgers and the friendliest folk in the midwest. Pioneer Creek Farm is just an hour north of Milwaukee and two hours north of Chicago. You’ll have plenty of time to consider a mini-cation in one or both of these lovely cities. We’d love to give you insight and recommendations on super-hip spots off the beaten path so you won’t feel too touristy (take your fanny pack off!), so just ask. If you’re short on time, we recommend flying into Milwaukee.

This site will be updated in coming months.

The Venue

Pioneer Creek Farm is tucked away in scenic rural Wisconsin. It rests on 80 acres of fields, hills and woods. Should weather permit, we will be having our ceremony on the farm and will be holding the reception in the nearby barn. There will be an open bar, live music, lawn games, barbecue, fire pits and llamas. The farm is ours for the day, so feel free to sneak away and make out in an open field under the stars or just pet some llamas.


We have a block at the Holiday Inn in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Click here to reserve a room. (Select 06/02/2018 as your check-in date and our group information fills in automatically.) After the first fifty guests reserve their rooms, other guests will be transferred over to the Holiday Inn Express, which is a two minute walk away in the same ‘campus’ area.

There are several different room types (share with an old friend if you want!), complimentary breakfasts, a full bar, a game room, a fitness center and an indoor pool!

The hotel must be booked by 30 days before the wedding or your room will be released to the general public.

Transportation and Shuttles

We will be using the hotel’s shuttle bus service to and from the venue. Schedules will be doled out by the hotel. Although there are other hotel options in the area, and possibly some scenic airbnb’s, please consider staying at our hotel if you’d like to use our shuttle services. After the wedding, have a nightcap with us at the hotel bar (open til 2 am!)

There will also be ample parking available at the venue. However, cars must be removed by 10 am sharp on Sunday morning or they will be towed.

Important notes

With the exception of immediate family our wedding will be an adults only occasion. This will allow all guests, including parents, a carefree evening of fun and relaxation. We hope that this advance notice means that you will have plenty of time to book a babysitter or cash in a favor from the grandparents and join us on our big day.

Guests are welcome to bring a plus one. If you don't have a date, don't feel obligated to bring one. There will be no shortage of good company.